Flathead Catfish

Flathead Catfish Fishing Trip

Flathead catfish thrive in the flatwaters of the James River, in Richmond, Virginia.  Fishing in this stretch of river is also very good for sunfish, smallmouth bass, channel cats and blue catfish.  Other species such as longnose gar and largemouth bass are always a possibility. 

Your guide will lead your fishing experience from a 12-foot raft.  The raft offers great stability on the flatwaters and is comfortable for up to three anglers.  

Start the day off fishing for sunfish and smallmouth bass while your guide leads you on a slow float through riffles, pools and islands.  When you arrive at the catfish holes, your guide will switch out your fishing gear so you can do battle with catfish in the 10-30 pound range.  So far, the James River Fishing School record flathead in this area is 34 pounds.  That is a big fish in less than ten feet of water! 

Enjoy this incredible half day fishing experience.  The raft is limited to three anglers.  Departure time is 7AM. Morning trips are highly recommended as you are off the water before the afternoon heat.  You'll meet your guide at Huguenot Flatwater in the James River Park System.  Click on the following link for directions:  Huguenot Flatwater

Come and enjoy the scenery, wildlife and excellent fishing.  You will love our guides!

        Half-Day, 5-hour trip.  One or two people,  $325.    Three people, $350.

All tackle, gear and bottled water provided.


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Top, left photo:  Stuart is proudly displaying a nice catch.  He's holding about a 20 pound flathead cat.  Note the gloves (and smile).  Wearing gloves when handling these fish in the mouth is a good idea, as their thousands of little teeth can tear up your skin.  Guide Andrew, in the background, didn't take the photo, but he did a fine job leading Stuart to many fish like this one ... and he made sure Stuart wore gloves!
-- Photo by Discover the James
To the right:  Jack's grandfather John booked them on a guided flathead fishing trip.  This picture is of Jack's first citation fish, a 26-pound flathead catfish!  You can still ask him today, and he'll tell you exactly how many fish he caught that day.  Just beyond the smile on this young angler's face is his 'gloved' hand, holding tightly to the inside the fishes mouth.  The funny thing about this fish ... when Jack released it the flathead took the glove off his hand and swam away with it.  I have so many left-handed gloves now! 
-- Photo by John Wetlaufer
To the left:  Kate and her dad are holding a longnose gar.  This fish was a surprise catch while out on a flathead fishing trip.  Kate hooked the fish and all gasped as the fish jumped out of the water, right next to the raft.  The fish was so close, it looked at each one of use while its mouth full of teeth shook in fury, only inches away from the rubber raft.  Kate is  now in college ... wow, sometimes I look at these images and can't believe it's been so long since they were taken!  
-- Photo by Discover the James


What do people have to say about this trip?  This fishing trip is a gem and right here in the heart of the Capital of Virginia ... Richmond!  This river is rich in history and scenery, but what's going on right now with the fishing is fantastic.   I guarantee you will love this trip.  
-Warren T.