Guided Fishing Trips


Guided Fishing Trips

Discover the James continues to build excitement and knowledge into our Guided Fishing Trips to offer the best trip possible.  Whether you are enjoying a bald eagle fly overhead or holding a world class sized blue catfish for the fishing photo of a lifetime or maybe it's just a beautiful sunrise as you begin to cast lines into the water, we strive to offer the best trips possible. 
Catfishing on the James River is an amazing fishery with best months highlighted, while the shad fishing is excellent in the early spring.  Both trips offer fishermen of all ages an opportunity to get out and enjoy the outdoors.  Our recommended seasons for these trips are as follows: 
Blue Catfish               
Now taking reservations for November/December 2021 


Flathead Catfish       
Dates available for the Summer of 2021


Now taking reservations for April 2022


For more information or to book a Guided Fishing Trip:
Contact Capt. Mike at 804-938-2350 or
Fishing License Info 
If fishing from the Pontoon Boat, the Discovery Barge II, you do not need a fishing license as the boat has one that covers anyone fishing in tidal waters.  If you are going flathead fishing trip on the raft, and 16 years of age or older, you will need a VA Freshwater Fishing License and you can get one by clicking the following link.  
Top, left photo: A flathead goes a bit haywire as it gets close to the Discovery Raft. In this image, one of the guests asked if he could land the fish. "No problem" I said, and here is a moment of surprise for the team of anglers. The fish was landed and wonderful photos were taken. Flathead catfish have loads of teeth ... not big ones, just 1000's of small sandpaper-needle-like teeth, so gloves are highly recommended when trying to land one of these, as you have to grab them in the mouth!
-- Photo by Discover the James
Right photo:  On a Flathead Catfish fishing trip, these two lady anglers went fish crazy for about 20 minutes. Each had a fish on and then another and then another. All in all there were six flathead catfish caught before they knew it. It was a great run of fish and here they posed with all six fish (two are hidden). All were released back into the river, swimming away with plenty of vigor. Nice work ladies ... good stuff!  
-- Photo by Discover the James



What do people have to say about our fishing trips?  "I am so thankful for what you do and the 'fishing bug' you have inspired in my sons.  You have given my boys something to look forward to for the rest of their lives.  Thank you."   -- Mother of two sons who are new fishing 'fin'attics.